Precautions when Playing on Trampolines

A lot of injuries and accidents that involve trampolines happen every year. Even though the trampoline is already widely recognized as a toy that kids, teenagers and even young adults love to play with, there are risks that could go along with it once safety precautions are not followed while playing with it. That is why the AAP recommends that trampolines should not be used at homes, gym classes and playgrounds but instead deployed on supervised training halls for gymnastics, diving and other forms of competitive sports. is our recommended trampoline site. Click here to see more trampoline reviews from our top experts and buy trampoline today. Meanwhile, here is a short list of safety precautions that should be observed whenever playing with trampolines.


    1. Only one person should be allowed to play on the trampoline at a time in order to avoid bumping to each other and colliding during jumps. This will also keep the floor surface of the trampoline in constant motion and avoid awkward landings.
    2. There should be adult supervision at all times most especially when kids are using the trampoline. Even if it is an adult who is currently using the trampoline, there should be another adult supervising the player so that there can be immediate assistance in case an accident will happen.
    3. Somersaults and other tricks are hugely discouraged for trampoline players and these acrobatic moves should only be left for professional athletes and gymnast practitioners to do. A big percentage of trampoline-related accidents do happen because the player on the trampoline failed on somersault attempts.

  1. A trampoline should be in perfect condition before it is made available for kids to play. It should be placed in an appropriate location and the protective paddings are all in place. The caretaker should also check the equipment every time a jumper is done playing with it just to make sure that it is still in good condition for the next player. It is better to buy your kid a Mini Trampoline or Kids Trampoline.
  2. If there is any form of damage to the trampoline then that should be repaired or replaced right away before people are allowed again to play with it. The most common parts of the trampoline that get destroyed are the net enclosure and protective padding. Make sure you inspect these parts regularly.
  3. Parents should also make sure that the trampoline provider covers trampoline-related injuries in case it is not covered in basic insurance policies. This is a great way to feel assured that hospitalization and other financial assistance can be provided in case things goes awry.



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